Our Vision

Our vision is to see a river of prayer, fed by God’s Spirit, nourished by the Word of God, filled with the message of Christ, flowing through every person who prays, into the church, into the community, and into the city.

Prayer Current’s vision comes from the prophet Ezekiel. The image in chapter 47 is of a river flowing through and bringing life to a dry and dying land. As it flows this river grows in depth, movement and fruitfulness. Wherever the river flows everything will live.

The Spirit of God is the source of the river and its overflow. The Spirit inhabits tabernacle, temple and the heart of every believer. This living water flows from under the altar, the place of sacrifice and reconciliation. Jesus said, “Indeed the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

The flow of the waters though the land represents a life lived in the Spirit. It is a life of growth, of fruitfulness. It is a life journey. The Spirit enters into the heart and then flows out into the home and community. It is a journey we navigate through prayer.

This picture is rich, alive, irresistible. The water is cool, refreshing, inviting.

We enter its life and flow by a simple prayer of faith. Our earthly life becomes life in the Spirit. Our randomness  becomes an adventure with purpose and destiny. 

As we learn to pray, we examine the river depths and intensity, we yearn to go deeper – ankle deep, knee deep, waist deep – until we discover there is no bottom at all!

We enjoy the river and the journey. We rejoice in its increase and abundance. We immerse ourselves in its life. We drink from its waters, eat from the fruit laden banks – we are healed and invigorated. We find growing inner joy and resource.

As we journey in prayer we explore the land. We navigate trials and sorrows as we pray. We study joy and thankfulness. We ask for and find guidance. Following the course of this river, we set out to discover the world around us. We move from closet to church and from church into the city. From self we reach out to others.

As we enter this Spirit life and flow, we begin to engage. We become part of the growing life of this river. As we eat, we bear fruit. As we are healed, we become healers. We are the fishermen on the shore. We are ‘fishers of men’ drawing in a bursting net. 

We invite you to journey with us in prayer. Enter this river’s abundance, examine and go deeper, enjoy the adventure and abundance, explore and engage with the land. Together, let us learn to navigate life through prayer.

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