Journey in Prayer

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 About the Book: 

The secret to discovering God is found in the Lord’s prayer. Come explore Jesus’ simple but purpose-filled pattern for prayer – a rich one that unfolds a roadmap in a world with no direction of its own. Jesus invites you to pray it personally. To pray this prayer is to journey deeper into the life of God, and deeper into the life of the world. Each chapter explores the implications and impact of each petition on our lives and world. 

Included are reflection questions, prayer prompts, sample prayers, and plenty blank pages to help you begin and deepen your personal journey and explorations in prayer.


This book is for you if you are:

  • New in exploring prayer
  • New in exploring the Christian faith
  • A Christian wanting to introduce a friend to prayer and to the Christian faith
  • A Christian small group leader looking for beginner’s material suitable for mixed or introductory groups 

About the Author: John Smed’s passion for prayer was birthed in his early days of becoming a Christian in the Swiss Alps community of L'Abri, and continued growing through the lessons of life and ministry. John (and his wife Caron) adopted a rich practice of prayer, open inquiry and deep fellowship set by the L’Abri community as a model for his future ministry. Eventually, they started two new churches (one in Calgary, one in Vancouver), and have assisted hundreds of church start ups as Coordinator for New Churches with Mission to North America. John is currently the Founding Director of Prayer Current, an organization that teaches people how to pray. He is frequently invited to speak and train in prayer throughout North America and internationally.


“Seven Days of Prayer with Jesus is a wonderful and transformative book, both scholarly and practical. John Smed is a very effective communicator. My own prayer practice has become more directed affording me greater mental and emotional clarity and stability. I feel more resilient with a greater sense of spiritual resources and relationship to God, whom I now address as “Father.” Thank you for creating this book which will help many who pray and many for whom we pray.”
Elizabeth, Homeopathic Doctor

“Seven Days of Prayer with Jesus introduced me to praying. It is a very profound look at finding a connection with our heavenly Father through prayer in Jesus’ name. It took me a long time to learn to pray to God from my heart. When I first learned to pray it was somewhat mechanical, following procedures, but not truly opening my heart to Jesus. I would pray about my own needs. In this book I learned to pray for other’s needs as well as my own.

One of the most influential parts of the book is the section on forgiveness. My mother kicked me out of the house when I was 15 for talking back to her and I had to fend for myself for a few years living in 'hippie flop houses.' I suffered multiple abuses. 
How could I ever forgive my mother for being so horrid to me? With the help of Pastor John’s book and a prayer session with a Christian friend I was able to have a good cry and forgive my mom. That lifted a great, great burden of bitterness from my soul.

Now I take all my cares and worries to Jesus in prayer and He comforts me. I am still learning the lesson of forgiveness on a day by day basis. Since I forgave my mom and became closer to God through prayer and Bible study, all of my relationships have been so much richer and more rewarding. I have finally found peace. Thank you Pastor John for your wonderful book on prayer.”
Bonnie, Homecare Worker