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Why_prayer training?

Latest prayer training events

We’re encouraged to hear of your heart to influence others in prayer by asking for a Prayer Current speaker/trainer to come address your group. 

1. Invite us to be a part of your existing event

Prayer Current can conduct seminars or prayer sessions (such as a concert of prayer, for example) within your existing conference or event. 

2. Host a Prayer Current weekend

Hosting a weekend conference helps a church provide an introduction to the Christ-centred ministry of Prayer Current. Through teaching, prayer, and small group work, participants will gain vision and practical prayer experience and tools to begin or continue on in their prayer journey. 

Hosting a Prayer Current training event involves some planning, a lot of promotion, and most important – much preparation in prayer. 

Read more on ideas and what is involved in hosting a Prayer Current weekend


Let's discern and pray our way forward...

Whether you are offering us the opportunity to contribute a training seminar to your existing event lineup, or you would like to host us for an exclusive Prayer Current event,  we want to prayerfully work with you to discern how we can best serve you. 

To that end, please review our event planning questionnaire as a starting point for dialogue to help us to better understand the focus for your desired conference/event. The completed questionnaire will serve us all as we prayerfully consider together how our gifts and calling can accomplish what you believe God intends for your event. Thanks for your responses.  

For further information, contact us .