Prayer for the City Bootcamp for Urban Mission

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About the Book: This workbook and DVD is a 12 lesson group study to help you in training your leaders and church in gospel centred, missional prayer. Featuring key readings on prayer, questions for personal reflection and group interaction, and prayer points to guide prayer practice, you’ll be challenged to come back to the heart of prayer, the gospel and mission. Each lesson contains practical tools in developing new or deeper prayer habits, personally and corporately, including:
  • biblical prayer patterns, 
  • prayer lists, 
  • prayer walking, 
  • prayer maps, 
  • prayer progress evaluations, 
  • prayer groups, 
  • fasting and prayer, 
  • praying for the heart of your city, and 
  • tips in training others and building a culture of prayer.

This book is designed for:

  • Christians who want to develop a deeper life of prayer and mission
  • Church planters who want to train core group members in prayer and mission
  • Pastors or church leaders who want to disciple a church to have a corporate culture of prayer and mission
  • Ministry movement leaders who want to train your key leaders in prayer and mission
To really immerse and equip yourself to lead others through Prayer for the City Bootcamp, plan to participate in our Prayer for the City Bootcamp Conference designed to equip leaders with both vision and practical tools to train others in prayer. 

About the Author: John Smed’s passion for prayer was birthed in his early days of becoming a Christian in the Swiss Alps community of L'Abri, and continued growing through the lessons of life and ministry. John (and his wife Caron) adopted a rich practice of prayer, open inquiry and deep fellowship set by the L’Abri community as a model for his future ministry. Eventually, they started two new churches (one in Calgary, one in Vancouver), and have assisted hundreds of church start ups as Coordinator for New Churches with Mission to North America. John is currently the Founding Director of Prayer Current, an organization that teaches people how to pray. He is frequently invited to speak and train in prayer throughout North America and internationally.


“Prayer for the City Bootcamp for Urban Mission, led by John Smed and Justine Hwang is the most intensive, practical and gospel-centered training for developing a life of prayer and a church of prayer that I have ever seen. The modules are biblically sound and personally practiced in the training. The materials and books they have published are easily transferable to others. I encourage all our leaders to get the training. We implement their training in all the Church Planting Networks we facilitate!  I highly recommend you attend as soon as possible. As we have heard, “Prayer does not fit us for the greater work, it is the greater work!” 
Tom Wood, President, Church Multiplication Ministries, Atlanta

“Prayer for the City Bootcamp for Urban Mission training deepens and widens people in biblical, kingdom prayer. However, it does far more: Community develops as groups share and pray together; Repentance begins as heart idolatries are exposed; Individuals initiate in ministry; Expectant prayer leads to evangelistic boldness; An exciting vision for a church in mission is born as a spirit of prayer and the Spirit of God comes upon people. This training is transforming New City Church.”
Connan Kublik, Church Planter, Hamilton, Ontario

“Prayer for the City Bootcamp for Urban Mission has both vision and practical tools, with an excellent kingdom focus. Most training only focuses on one area.”
Workshop participant

“Prayer for the City Bootcamp for Urban Mission combines the eschatologically urgent need/mandate for prayer combined with very practical steps to teach us to pray.”

Workshop participant 

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