Our Testimonial & Feedback

Leaders and Directors

This is the most intensive, practical, gospel-centered training for developing a life of prayer and a church of prayer I’ve ever seen.

(T. Wood, church planting coach)

Our personal and corporate prayer lives have been permanently transformed…from personal happiness to God-centered prayers. (B. Finn, church planting director)

I highly recommend this prayer training  – it is like a spiritual boot camp that will equip you for the spiritual battles you face. (B. Obsborne, missionary director)

“I know of no one better able to train our church in prayer than John Smed.”(Tim Keller, senior pastor, New York)

Church Planters

Prayer training gives people in our church deeper confidence in the gospel and prayer and a wider scope for prayer and mission.  
(A. Kooy, church planter, Toronto)

In all my years in ministry, no one really taught me how to pray. Through this training, God grew in me a love and passion for prayer. (R. Crown, church planter)

This training deepens and widens people in biblical, kingdom prayer…This training is transforming our church. 

(C. Kublik, church planter, Toronto)

Prayer training was an essential foundation to restoring vision, unity and health to a struggling church… overturning our entropy.
(K. Seyfert, pastor, Portland, Oregon)


I feel more resilient with a greater sense of spiritual resources and relationship to God, whom I now address as “Father.” Thank you... (Elizabeth C., doctor)


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