Oscar's Journey in Prayer

Trained as an engineer and a project manager I have always been task oriented and deadline driven. Although I have been a Christian for many years, I always thought that praying was just one of the tasks that Christians do. Conversing with God was not natural or instinctive to me. 

After working over 15 years as an engineer in both the private and government sectors in Ottawa, I moved back to Vancouver in 2009 and joined a church called Grace Vancouver. It was also by God’s grace that I got to meet John Smed and be discipled by him in prayer.  

John taught me how to pray through the Lord’s prayer and discipled me in practising the discipline of prayer. As I practise praying to God, prayer has gradually become an integral part of my life. Now I go to the Lord often and comfortably with praise, petitions, and worship. My prayer life has become more purposeful and meaningful. My wife and I are also praying together. We enjoy bringing God’s blessings to others through prayer. 

I have rediscovered prayer – a very useful tool I have always had but had become rusty after years of neglect. While I am still working to sharpen this tool, I am excited to be part of the Prayer Current team to help people discover (or rediscover) prayer the same way I did. I look forward to sharing God’s blessings with people through prayer.    

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