Host a Prayer Current Training Weekend

Hosting a weekend conference helps a church provide an introduction to the Christ-centred ministry of Prayer Current. Through teaching, prayer, and small group work, participants will gain vision and practical prayer experience and tools to begin or continue on in their prayer journey. 

Hosting a Prayer Current training event involves some planning, a lot of promotion, and most important – much preparation in prayer. 

Here are some ideas for groups that want to host a Prayer Current weekend for their community. 

Content and Target Audiences:

Prayer Mission: John Smed can do an evangelistic outreach event, with a main message designed to communicate with spiritual seekers who are not yet Christians, focused on encouraging hearers to take their questions and longings directly to God in prayer, no matter where a person is in their spiritual journey. This would be and ideal event to which Christians can invite their non-Christian friends who are spiritual seekers. 

 Prayer Training: The Prayer Current team can do training in prayer for leaders and churches. 

What Prayer Current Provides:

Seminar Speakers and Trainers 

Schedule of Training

  • Prayer Mission: A one session event during the evening or day for Christians to invite their seeking friends to come and hear, and engage, in prayer as a part of their spiritual search. 
  • Prayer Training: Conferences can take place over two to three days, or compacted into one. A Friday evening and all-day Saturday conference provides for the greatest pace (in an already-packed pace) of teaching and prayer practice. Topics will be determined to best address the needs of your group. 

Centralized Registration 

  • People may register through our website. 
  • People may register through your church, and have someone liaise with us to send us the collected registrations through this avenue. 

Book Table Materials 

Promotional Materials (optional, would include space to personalize the information) 

  • Bulletin insert in PDF format 
  • Poster in PDF format 

Prayer support 

 We commit to be in prayer for your event, as we prepare, and as you prepare. We will use all our prayer networks to generate more prayer support. 

What the Host Provides: 

Prayer support 

No prayer training event will be fruitful without the Spirit of God hosting and presiding, preparing and moving, before, during and after the event. We strongly encourage you to be in prayer for your event, as we prepare, and as you prepare. Use all your prayer networks to generate as much prayer support as possible. 

Location, meeting space & room needs 

  • We prefer a casual/intimate setting for seminars. A fellowship hall usually works better than a sanctuary. 
  • Depending on the size of the room and how many attend, the speaker may or may not need a sound system with a lapel microphone. 
  • LCD projector. 
  • Table to serve as a resource / book table.     

Food & refreshment 

  • Coffee and pastries before morning session begins. 
  • A light lunch to be eaten on site. Many hosting groups absorb the cost of lunch or take donations to pay for it. 

Advertising & promotion 

Conference coordinators are responsible for publicizing the weekend conference. This may involve meeting with pastors, encouraging individuals by personal invitation to attend and promoting the conference at various churches. Coordinators are encouraged to produce brochures and posters to advertise the conference. Prayer Current staff can assist in preparing these materials. 

Speaker accommodations 

When needed, we depend on the hosting group to make arrangements for our speaker to stay at someone's home, or at a local hotel, during the event. 

Office supply needs 

  • Photocopies of training handouts for participants, to be provided ahead of time via email in PDF format 
  • Name tags 
  • Easel with large flip chart or whiteboard 
  • Large flip chart paper + masking tape or Large Post it Note Papers for small group work 
  • Markers 


We do not send any of our staff to the event, except for the speaker(s). Therefore, we depend on the hosting group to provide volunteers to handle the other duties. We generally need ___ volunteer for every 15 people that register, with a minimum of two volunteers. Their duties will be to setup and attend the registration and book tables, take care of distributing materials, help with the morning refreshments and final cleanup. Each receives a free copy of Seven Days of Prayer with Jesus and may attend the event free of charge.


You as the host would be responsible for providing the following costs: 

  • Honourarium for speaker 

  • Transportation for speaker (to be arranged by the speaker. You would be responsible for reimbursing the cost of the receipted flight.)

  • Materials fee per person (includes cost of a book or not?) Integral to the long term fruitfulness and follow up of this ministry. We offer you the book at a reduced rate, however, to make this feasible. 

  • If you choose to charge the participants of a Prayer Training event, with good attendance and a small fee, many churches have paid for the entire seminar costs. In our experience, charging a small amount is often better than simply offering the training for free, as “free” can reduce the value in participants’ minds. For an evangelistic Prayer Mission outreach meeting, however, we do not recommend charging a fee. 

We want to prayerfully work with you to discern how we can best serve you. 

To that end, please review our questionnaire as a starting point for dialogue to help us to better understand the focus for your desired conference/event. The completed questionnaire will serve us all as we prayerfully consider together how our gifts and calling can accomplish what you believe God intends for your event. Thanks for your responses. 

For further information, contact us.