About Us

Prayer Current is something very old and very new. 

Prayer is as old as humanity. Prayer is common to all people. Muslims meet at the mosque to pray. Buddhists pray at the temple. Sikh devotees meet each day, even twice each day to pray. Early Christians met in the temple each afternoon during the hour of prayer. Prayer is the genesis and essence of every spiritual journey.  

Just as Jesus’ disciples asked, “Lord, teach us to pray,” people today are spiritually thirsty for God and open to prayer. Just as Jesus taught his disciples to pray, Prayer Current teaches people how to pray by introducing them to the prayer of Jesus:  

  • We Connect with Seekers through PRAYER MISSION: The prayer of Jesus is the perfect genesis and spiritual beginning for truth seekers. We invite people into a personal experience of God the Father by engaging them first hand in prayer.        
  • We Equip Christians and Churches through PRAYER TRAINING:  Training believers to pray the prayer of Jesus is the genesis and renewing of Christians and their churches. 

To know Jesus is to be immersed in a current of prayer. Christ promises to all who believe in him that a ‘spring will flow from within’. When a person navigates life through prayer, their day to day world will feel the current of prayer. Families are refreshed, workplaces are renewed, and cities are reached with Jesus’ love and justice. When Christians learn to navigate life through prayer, their church is transformed. Communities of faith flow into the city, restoring dignity and renewing the culture. 

To that end, Prayer Current helps people navigate life through prayer. Whether someone is just entering the waters or is an experienced traveler, from seekers to Christian leaders, Prayer Current provides inspiration and practical tools to grow in prayer, and to “pray it forward” by helping grow others in prayer. 

Designed for life in the city and for personal or church use, Prayer Current resources engage people in a balance of reflection, interaction, study, actual prayer practice and mission.

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